Some women may be embarrassed by the size and shape of their labia, especially while wearing certain pants or having sexual intercourse. Labia rejuvenation is performed to reduce the size or reshape the labia minora (inner lips).

The Surgery

The procedure takes about one hour and is done on an outpatient setting. Risks of surgery are small and may include sensation change of the labia.

The Recovery

Swelling and slight bruising is to be expected. Many patients may return to work in one week but some may require up to two weeks. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for about six weeks after surgery.

If you have suffered with discomfort or embarrassment in the vaginal area you may want to consider this surgery as an option. Please call our office at (714) 535-2553 to set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Bui. Labiaplasty may be the answer for you.

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